Why Work With Us?


Working with us means working with people obsessed about making the best possible ice cream money can buy. Working with us means working with dynamic, service-oriented professionals committed to pushing Indonesia's culinary scene forward through top quality, forward-thinking ice cream products. Working with us means working with a long-term partner with your interests at heart.

These are the reasons why people choose Cream Fiction:
  • Top Quality Ingredient Selection: It all starts with carefully curating the best ingredients available & processing them with due care & process to yield the best product possible. We select top quality ingredients such as fresh milk, 100% dairy-derived fats (instead of palm or vegetable oil substitutes), and only all-natural ingredients. 
  • Fair, transparent pricing. Because we're in it for the long haul: We only succeed if you do, which is why we take a long-term view and treat all our wholesale customers as partners. Our wholesale prices are fair & good value for money considering the superlative quality we offer. 
  • Locally Produced: Our factory is based in Jakarta, so there is minimal time from production to delivery to our local partners - meaning the freshest possible products for Jakarta based customers. Local production also means lower supply chain costs, quicker service, and a low carbon footprint.
  • Food Safety: Our factory is built by industry-leading professionals with HACCP and ISO22000 principles, so you can rest easy knowing food safety is our number 1 priority.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible & dynamic is core to what we do. Got a flavor in mind? We'll do what we can to see how to turn your ice cream vision into that perfect scoop. 
  • Excellent Service: If you're frustrated by unreliable & inconsistent suppliers, well so are we! We do everything we can to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and achieve 99% fulfillment rates. If you reach out, expect a response within the business day. 

Have questions or ready to get started? If you'd like to explore our wholesale arrangements further, please click the link below and we'll be in touch within a business day.